Typeface ranges
In the beginning of the 80s of XX century the company Adobe Systems developed a new method, which describes any image with the usage of vectors or contours. It became possible to create various dimensions and variations from a single digital image. In order for the image to look good its digital output was saved in a pixel form. The same company invented PostScript – language which allowed to describe pages, fonts, filling of the windows, font family.
Creator of fonts Adrian Frutiger
Creator of the famous font “Frutiger” Adrian Frutiger was born in Switzerland in 1928. Only after the death of the famous designer specialists started saying that Frutiger is the greatest creator of fonts after Herman Zapf.
Proper usage of the font
Progress doesn’t just stand still. Humanity is developing by leaps and bounds. Now the metal text composition is almost history. Computer aided typesetting is commonly used everywhere. Many print publications have full-fledged copies of their product in the internet for a long time now. Here comes the most interesting part.
Lucas de Groot – creator of the font Thesis
Creator of the popular font Thesis Lucas de Groot was born in a small fishing town Noordwijkerhout in the Netherlands in 1963. Since childhood Lucas had an interest towards fonts and designing. While studying in a local school the boy took part in the publication of the newspaper and development of various posters and directions for the school.
Font as a design element
Font is sometimes considered to be the most important component in advertisement and billboard industry. Not a single self-respecting designer that works in this area disregards using fonts in his work. It is impossible to issue a book or a magazine, carry out an advertising campaign or draw a product label without the usage of font.
Illegal font usage
When creating a new font the designer is faced with an infinite amount of possibilities. But many look for an easy way.
How did fonts appear
The oldest of the fonts that we use appeared in Europe during Renaissance era. Also, do you know which fonts are widely used right now? You will never guess. It’s the early manuscript fonts of IX-XIII centuries. You can create practically any style with their usage.
Live font
In order to create the so called “live font” the only format that fits is the format PostScript Type 3. Specialists realize that you need this in order to enter an additional procedure in the first sections of the file. If you look at the file of the font itself using the viewing function then you can see /newy rand 15 sub store}B.
Fonts history
Font - is a set of printed or displayable characters of a certain style. Through it you can communicate the meaning of a certain text to people. The location of the inscription on the sheet is very important, whether it is in the top or below, centered etc. Font has numerous capabilities. Book covers use all means of ornamental expressiveness of the inscription - letter color and location on the surface. Font might have a bohemian, romantic, elegant design.