Fonts in graphics pointers
Modern society is actively developing, extends their settlements: villages turn into cities, cities into metropolises. Each day thousands of people move across the city: in the morning – to work, in the evening – back home, over the weekend – to cultural establishments and parks, but not a lot of people think about the question “how did I manage to get to the destination point so quickly, since my city has a few hundreds of streets, tens of blocks, squares and dead ends and I could have turned the wrong way at any moment”.
Determining the contrast level of fonts
Thickness of the main and additional prime of the letter is determined by a ratio from the most bold to the most light one. This is explained by the fact that the writing of letters is done with various tools, with various pressure and angle of the feather. Additionally the fonts of the same name can be saturated in a different way.
Font categories
There are 5 categories of fonts: font with serifs, without serifs, handwritten, decorative and bastard type.
Kerning and tracking
In order to use the font successfully it is not enough to choose the font family. External view of the font directly depends on the density of the letter and spaces between them and between lines.
Fonts classification
This is quite an interesting topic, only for the fact that you have to face it on a daily basis. But it so happens that people simply do not pay attention to it. This is a wrong decision. Font is a work of art, sometimes it is successful, sometimes not.