Creator of fonts Adrian Frutiger

Creator of the famous font “Frutiger” Adrian Frutiger was born in Switzerland in 1928. Only after the death of the famous designer specialists started saying that Frutiger is the greatest creator of fonts after Herman Zapf.

When Frutiger turned 24 he moves to Paris in order to work in the company of Charles Peignot, which at that moment was a manager of a famous polygraphic association of Deberny. At the typographic company Frutiger works on the creation of font-styles for various print publications that were popular at that time, in particular for “Meridien” and at the same time is working on creating his own fonts.

Five years after moving to the capital of France Frutiger creates and uses the font “Univers” for the first time for development of photocompositions. Having worked in Deverny for more than thirty years in 1960 Frutiger creates his own designer studio managers of which besides him were famous designers such as Andre Gotye and Bruno Pfäffli. Company was created by friends not from ground up, Frutiger “baggage” had his own developments, fonts: “Avenir”, “Centennial”, “Iridium”, “Versailles” and the famous font “Frutiger”, that was named after his creator.

Adrian Frutiger created his most famous font at the commission of Paris Airport in Ruassi, which bears the name of another famous Frenchman - Charles de Gaulle. Up to this day visual designations of communications are done with the usage of “Frutiger” font.

Awards that were received by Adrian Frutiger are: medal Type Directors Club of New York. 1968; rpxi Gutenberg de la ville de Mayence (Allemagne), 1990; Grand prix national des arts graphiques (France), 1987.
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