Fonts classification

This is quite an interesting topic, only for the fact that you have to face it on a daily basis. But it so happens that people simply do not pay attention to it. This is a wrong decision. Font is a work of art, sometimes it is successful, sometimes not.

Font differs from music compositions, paintings by the fact that you can convey text information with it. That is why you have to use fonts that will be easy to use.

The most widespread ones are antique, grotesque, handwritten and accidental fonts. We should examine these fonts and their areas of usage.

1. Antique font appeared in the far XV century in Germany and Italy. This is the oldest group of fonts, which is widely used in our time. Antique font differs from the other ones by the presence of serifs. This helps to read extensive book texts. Almost all large books and printing publications use antique. In order to see that for yourself you can simply open up any book. Antique font is Times New Roman and Century Schoolbook.

2. Grotesque font does not contain serifs. Its appearance link with XIX century. Generally grotesque is used for designing heading, logos. Around 90% of designers use grotesque specifically for these purposes. Representatives of grotesque font are Arial and Century Gothic. An important factor is the fact that grotesque fonts gained biggest popularity after the emergence of computers. The main reason for such transition was limitation of pixels on the monitor. If the small font size is chosen then antique font distorts digitally, whereas grotesque does not.

3. Calligraphic or handwritten fonts were made for imitation of human writing. It is impossible to confuse it with the other groups. Their area of usage is décor. Handwritten fonts are Lucida Handwriting and Corinthia.

4. The last group is accidental or decorative fonts. These types of fonts were made specifically for decoration of text and giving it memorable style, for example, some ancient era. But if you use decorative font for typing big texts then they will be difficult to read. That is why it is better to use them for logos and headings.
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