Fonts for websites

Today there is already a great amount of criterions which should be adhered to when building a website. One of the most important ones is the right selection of font. Since the visitor will take in the information from the website with the usage of font. It is highly likely that the font that is difficult to read would not attract any attention; the reader will simply leave the site and won’t even bother.

At initial stage of design of the web page it is important to not use fonts that are rare and not in demand. It is better to use standard type fonts. Font family with maximum demand and usage are: Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma. When choosing the font family you have to make the right selection of size and style of text which will fill your website. The reader should be able to consume the information easily and with no difficulties. Font on the website should not be less than size 12. This should be taken into account when writing main text, main page. Small font however should be chosen for text which won’t be that useful to a reader. For example you can use small font for key words.

As of today CSS technologies allow to create certain rules, in which there are interchange of font families. In other words with the usage of CSS rules the user of the website will see the font type that he needs. This means that CSS rule contains a list of existing font families and in case if the first font will be missing the browser will start to present information on the website alternately in a different font.

Webpage background color and the color of used font have a heavy influence on the ease of readability. The most convenient color for reading is white text color on black background of the webpage. But it doesn’t mean that other appearances of the website will be unacceptable for the reader. When choosing the font color you have to stick to the general color of the website and additional colors that are used on the website. That is why it is crucial to make the font color which will be noticeable on the website background.

Let’s finalize: We can claim that the right selection of the font is an important condition, since this directly influences the number of people that will be using texts that are offered specifically on your website. Everybody wants to read text that is readable.
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