Fonts history

Font - is a set of printed or displayable characters of a certain style. Through it you can communicate the meaning of a certain text to people. The location of the inscription on the sheet is very important, whether it is in the top or below, centered etc. Font has numerous capabilities. Book covers use all means of ornamental expressiveness of the inscription - letter color and location on the surface. Font might have a bohemian, romantic, elegant design.

  • handwritten

  • sans-serif

  • abrupt serif (antique)

  • alternative

  • decorative

Properly chosen font gives an emotional tone to the text and highlights the key points. You cannot use various symbols that are related to different drawing methods in just one font.

Fonts differ from one another by the size of the alphabet with which they are to function with. The best fonts are those that include the most amount of symbols.

Font characteristics

  • contrast

  • capacity

  • width

  • pattern

  • size

  • distinctiveness

  • saturation

Based on the nature of their graphical layout can be:

  • regular

  • serif font

  • medieval

  • slab serif font

  • low contrast font

Groups of font by designation:
  • advertising and accidental font styles

  • book fonts

  • fonts for dictionaries and guidebooks

  • newspaper font styles

  • kids font styles

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