Fonts in advertisements

There is a great variety of fonts in the world. Each font has its own name, some even are presented in various options with the usage of main type and the drawing. Optimum option of the font out of offered number of fonts can only be chosen by an artist-specialist that is working in advertisement. At that he will carry out the selection for each specific case.

Font has a great power, since the font has to entice the reader and point out facts of special importance. Specific image gives the text its distinctive color. Font should be chosen in accordance with the advertised product. For example, a font with complex drawing and round contours emphasizes lightness, elegance of the advertised item. Fonts which have rectangular contours of the letters will suit for advertisement of the product which is reliable and strong. Bold font will suit best for advertisement of household appliances – washing machines, refrigerators, thin and light font will suit best for advertisement of perfumes, jewelry items, fabrics.

Human perception has a tendency to perceive not a single letter but their entire group. We can see form, size of letters, perceive their length and filling in of the line. And that is why it is important to pay attention of dimensions and distance between letters, lines and location of the entire text. In order for the text to be perceived better and be remembered better it is important to use the color of the font in a correct way.

If the advertisement contains extensive texts then special attention should be paid to readability of the font that is placed on the color background.

The following rules should be followed in order to effectuate the billboards in the proper way:
1. Font size should fully correspond with the advertised item and area on which the text is written. Optimum option is the usage of the same picture but in various sizes.
2. In order to increase the impact of text on emotions of the reader you have to choose the color of the font the right way.
3. It is also important to adhere to contrast range. Since it’s no secret to anybody that the font which stands out sharply on the background of the billboard will be easier to read and perceived by the reader.
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