How did fonts appear

The oldest of the fonts that we use appeared in Europe during Renaissance era. Also, do you know which fonts are widely used right now? You will never guess. It’s the early manuscript fonts of IX-XIII centuries. You can create practically any style with their usage. Fonts of Renaissance era create expressive, stylish and aerial mood with a deep emotional subtext and subtlest mood. Fonts of Renaissance era – is a harmonious, easy and at the same time strict text which harmoniously goes with any content.

New changes have arrived in Europe in XVIII century which replaced fonts of Renaissance era. Fonts become more strict, standard and straightforward. Thickness of horizontal and vertical lines noticeably increases. More often you can notice short hairlines and round shapes in letters. This period is also called “transitory” period, since the demand in various fonts rose steeply, and the finalized contours still haven’t yet been formed. A good example of this font is “Times”, which is used in Windows OS.

At the end of XVIII , beginning of XIX century new fonts had appeared and changed everything entirely, these fonts are so called : “new antique”. This is related to the rapid development of the printing industry, since wide masses of the population have gained access not only to books but various print publication: newspapers, magazines, yellow sheets. Those new fonts reigned supreme until the beginning of the XX century when they were replaced by more improved upon fonts, such as the ones we know and love today.
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