How to chose font

Among a great number of all kinds of fonts you have to make the right selection of the font depending on where you are going to use it. Each font has its name and even such fonts exist which are presented by a drawing and main view. This particular drawing is the most attractive for the viewer and that is why it should entirely match the main inscription. Font also has to accentuate the main point of text.

What is the right way to use font with illustrations? First of all you shouldn’t read into words but to look at the font as though it is a picture. The image is characterized by a mass of differences – thickness of the brush, its hardness. The same thing happens to letters – in a way it is kind of a picture. You should analyze the particular characteristics of the image and then you can choose the font that is similar to its pattern. For example if the picture is executed with straight horizontal or vertical lines then the straight-line font Mashine will be a more good fit. If the drawing is more rounded and alive then you have to use the font that reminds of handwriting – Betina.

If you have to design the website or advertising text you have to remember the most important rule – if the text is big, then the font has to be easily readable. The following pertains to general rules on selection of the font:

1. The drawing of the font should be clear, simple and familiar to the reader. It is inappropriate to use cutting edge and special forms.
2. Font has to have an increased typesetting of lower case letters and wide proportions.
3. You should not make heavy contrast level.
4. It is better to choose open forms rather than closed one.
5. When using font think of serifs. It’s much better if there’s none at all or to use them in great number in order to give the font its rough form. Since when the font is decreased there should be no vanishing details.
You should remember that the correctness of selected font directly influences the success of the finished text.
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