Illegal font usage

When creating a new font the designer is faced with an infinite amount of possibilities. But many look for an easy way.

It’s much easier to steal the font then to create it yourself but this means to acknowledge one’s impotence and lack of professionalism. But this doesn’t stop the designers that choose the path of least resistance.

They are also not afraid of the fact that the change of the currently existing fonts and putting them out there for original development is considered to be a criminal offence and is punishable by law in many countries. The only thing is that control over usage of intellectual rights is still pretty complicated. It is commonly know that the font industry is not that big, its main centers are dispersed around the world. And besides the owners of the rights do not have enough financial means as for example in the movie or music industry in order to control the usage of their product to the fullest extent.

In the meantime the demand for new fonts is increasing day by day. Since in order to survive in the modern economic climate the graphical designers and typographical companies have to constantly improve their product, and since the choice isn’t that great they use new types of font more often. The most important thing here is to not get tempted into using an illegal or simply stolen font. Since the usage of illegal products, which you can obtain on the internet at a giveaway price gives great benefits.

The worst part is that the usage of a stolen font slows down the development of this industry in itself. Who would want to invest both their energy and money into development of new fonts, when there is only the tiniest fraction of legal clients and most of the market share are “pirates”.
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