Kerning and tracking

In order to use the font successfully it is not enough to choose the font family. External view of the font directly depends on the density of the letter and spaces between them and between lines.

In order to place spaces on the text column you have to use kerning and tracking. Kerning is used to decrease the gap between letters in order to create the readability of text. It is used at an interval between two letters. Letters that pertain to one font have a specific width. During software processing of the text kerning pairs of letters are used by default, which suit certain projects. If the font is not expensive then a smaller amount of these groups are used which are integrated into the font. If the fonts present professional development then thousands of kerning pairs are placed into them. If you do not use kerning then the combination of big letters will look not very orderly. You can see this on the example of letters “D”, “O” and “W”. If they will be placed alternatively then the combination will be either too clumped or too far apart. Tracking - it is a letter spacing. With the usage of tracking you can correct the space between a list of letters, and not between two letters as it is in kerning. If the used font is leveled on both margins then different width of space is appropriate for different lines. Tracking should be used with special attention since using it too much might lead to congestion and non-readability.
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