Live font

In order to create the so called “live font” the only format that fits is the format PostScript Type 3. Specialists realize that you need this in order to enter an additional procedure in the first sections of the file. If you look at the file of the font itself using the viewing function then you can see /newy rand 15 sub store}B.

The point of this variable is this: Y coordinate is used at random in order to write each symbol of the font. As a result – all letters of the text turn out to be displaced relative to the central line of the font axis.

“Live fonts” look pretty, but they aren’t used all that often. This is not related to the usage of PostScript. It’s simply for the fact that during printing such fonts as professionals usually say : come out “noisy”, which can lead to a faulty work. In addition to that “live font” has a lot of other disadvantages. Their main argument is the following: fonts should be clear and to not hinder the process of reading. That being said sceptics forget that “live fonts” match the spirit of their time starting middle centuries. Because surely no one would deny that gothic, Trojan and renaissance font are very pretty. But those are middle centuries, and if we are going to be talking about our time then all it takes is to remember the electric advertisement and television where “live fonts” are used widely used.

Such fonts are especially commonly used in Europe: they are original, good looking and well readable. It’s true – you have to draw these fonts for the most part by hand which is not the easiest thing in the world but it’s definitely worth it.
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