Proper usage of the font

Progress doesn’t just stand still. Humanity is developing by leaps and bounds. Now the metal text composition is almost history. Computer aided typesetting is commonly used everywhere. Many print publications have full-fledged copies of their product in the internet for a long time now. Here comes the most interesting part. While browsing online newspapers you come to a realization that they were created just for the simple fact to experiment with font. Traditional font is sometimes so changed that the creator itself hardly recognizes his own product in it. As an example you can take the font “Helvetica”. Despite the fact that it already has more than twenty different variations some editors of online publications still put some sort of changes to this font. The most commonly used – is the changing of the angle of the signs and the width.

Then why is it so important to adhere to the accepted standards when using various fonts? First of all: all of these experiments which oftentimes turn into unfinished work simply irritate the reader. After having browsed through the article for 10 minutes a person will rub his eyes and leave the website which the administration of the website thought has an “innovative” font. Secondly: while trying to imitate Western news portals, national mass media at times forget that the most important thing is the content itself and not the font.

Another significant shortcoming of which people forget during typing out the text is the spaces between letters and words. In trying to save space at any cost the publishers at times shorten the voids so that it becomes impossible to read the text. The article looks like accumulation of letters and this has nothing to do with the selected font.
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