Lucas de Groot – creator of the font Thesis

Creator of the popular font Thesis Lucas de Groot was born in a small fishing town Noordwijkerhout in the Netherlands in 1963. Since childhood Lucas had an interest towards fonts and designing. While studying in a local school the boy took part in the publication of the newspaper and development of various posters and directions for the school.

After finishing high school Lucas enters the Royal Academy of Visual Arts (RAVA Den Haag), which from the moment of its creation is known for its famous and talented alumni. Even during studying in the academy and sometime after finishing studies Lucas works as a freelance artist. After a few years he is noticed by a manager of the largest and established Hague Studio, Holland “Dumbar”. After that Lucas is involved in development of fonts for large projects in Premsela – largest designer studio of Amsterdam.

At the age of 25 de Groot comes to a realization that without creating his own font which will as a consequence be named as Thesis he won’t be able to have neither career advancement nor personal professional advancement. At the same time Lukas is being offered to work as a General Director in the company “MetaDesign” and he combines the management of a studio with teaching in Higher Institution of Arts in Potsdam.

Down to recent times Lucas de Groot is involved in development of large corporate projects for international companies. Among his “creations” you can find serious works, for example – development of font for German magazine “Der Spiegel”, as well as controversial projects: Jesus, Porno and Thesis.
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